Magic India      


Airplane landing, India here I am, no ban    

I reckon the crowd but was not really fan, 

Driver with a large smile, if just I could     

getting the same for sure I would   

Life no wonder isn’t easy for many   

Still no sign of despair or agony                               

Resignation as guideline and main rule  

will never ever let you become fool    


Stepping in Taj Mahal mausoleum  

Nothing to do with a lifeless museum                  

Delighting enchantment is in the air   

Though gone, Mumtaz is still indeed there  

Such feeling you hardly enjoy elsewhere  

and magic of love revival is not at all fake                           

an appealing river gently filling a lake  



India you turned me crazy    

Far from you what a misery     

You made me change my mind        

I do admit, I was so blind

Bringing the sun in my heart, is so kind  

Closing the loop, dare the Tuk Tuk  

Kathak dancing feeling in the souk  

Driving zigzag and mad rodeo way                           

intense emotion will forever stay  


Went in Rajasthan, Maharajah county   

Living in these marvelous palaces you would envy   

Splendor is gone, flavor of the past remains  

Clock moves freely as time got rid of its chains  

I wander in a vast and pompous ballroom  

where end of day doesn’t spread the gloom  

As the sun on the earth the day of birth  

my soul regenerates loosening the girth   


Night is gone in the Backwaters  

Nature greatness, is only what matters                                  

I dive in contemplation and reverie  

Noise and hectic life are yet sleepy

Looking at the rice fields what a break

I guess there is so much I could take      

with peace of mind embracing the wake




Any idea what makes India look so different ?!  

Maybe time putting on word absent the accent  

Impatient western, eyes focusing on present                    

while Sacred Ganges, reclaims order from disorder

Believe comfort those weak, erasing the border  

Talking with Indians you feel near and far, one at a time,

And the vibes raise from zero ground to the sublime




Beauty and majesty of so many places are in race 

Words are gone, and love the feeling you embrace